Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Big F**ing Rock

Now....before you start thinking that this geocaching blog is going to go to the gutters with dirty words....don't worry....it's not what you think!!

Last year...we had a fun little get-away to Ohio to do some Geocaching. For the most part...we tried to find regular size ones...as Mom was with us...and that is what she enjoys doing. But there was one cache...that I just had to do for myself. (And I think everyone liked it) It was called "Big F**ing Rock" (GC1190X).

This is all the blog listing said:

"It is not what you are probably thinking. You will see when you get there.

Although I did not use this for my weird places in Dayton multi, I thought this place was weird and interesting enough to deserve it's own cache. Let me know what you think."

Well....it intrigued me!!! And this is what we found when we got there.....

It is a BIG....FLYING.....ROCK!!! The cache was actually a magnetic key holder...and didnt take long to find....but this was just SO COOL!!!! Thought I would share it with you...should you ever get the chance to do some caching in Dayton Ohio!!!


Norm said...

How does that rock fly? Hey, we found a big rock too while geocaching.

Paul Bunyan’s Boat Anchor

Packers, Pagans & People said...

that was interesting. if i ever get my life back together i would like to do this. sounds like fun!

Hick@Heart said...

Cool sculpture! And they're right, that is a big F**ing rock. I to was reminded of Paul Bunyan's Anchor when I saw this.

Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart

Christy said...

I miss your other blogs. What's up?

BeckEye said...

Hey, what happened to your other blogs? I'm in a captioning mood!