Friday, February 22, 2008

Planning Our Vacation

For you fellow geocachers out there...this will make total sense to you....but to you people that are new to might look at this one and go....REALLY?????

When it comes time to plan vacation time for the year...the first thing we think about is "Can we geocache there?" Seriously. It is the most important item in determining our vacation spot.
Our whole family geocaches. We were introduced to geocaching by my brother and his wife (Steve and Natalie - aka. Batman and Catwoman) who had been doing it for quite awhile. Our Mom (aka. Lady Bug 61) also enjoys geocaching. Her health isn't the she doesn't get out and about as much as the rest of us though. But we as a family have gone geocaching a couple times. Also...we have gone with Mom (just the three of us) on week-end getaways where we have had some vacation well as geocaching time.

Sooooooo...back to the point of this blog. Planning this years vacation. We (along with Mom) have planned a short trip to Erlanger Kentucky in early March where we will be shopping, eating and geocaching. (We are really excited about we get to pick up another state found in.) Also...we are planning another trip to Owensboro Kentucky later in the year. We are going there because we love the area....but of course...we have already scoped out the caches in the area.

Now...the other time that we are planning any vacation the 2008 Indiana Fall Picnic for Geocachers. We went to the 2007 Indiana Fall Picnic last year in New Castle Indiana...and had a wonderful time. Here are some pictures of last years event.

Below - Here is a picture of the Family after enjoying a GREAT picnic lunch. You can tell I just ate...look at that big cheesy grin!!

Below - Here is a picture of Mom and René checking out all the wonderful Geocoins and Travel Bugs to trade. (Oh yea...and two other gentleman that we met that day)

Below - Everyone that showed up met before hand and was told about the days activities.

Below - Mom and René sitting down...ready to enjoy watching a few others compete in "Geo-Survivor"

Below - The Family getting ready to enjoy their day together. (minus me... I am taking the pic)

So....we are busy busy busy planning our "Geocaching Vacations" and hope to have a lot of great times to share with all of you!!!


Terra Fenestra said...

That sounds like great fun. We have been talking about taking a geocaching vacation too. I don't have the luxury of nearby family. Looking forward to reading about your trip.
Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart

Norm said...

We do the same thing. My wife's family gathers in Door County, Wisconsin every summer for a family get together. Last year it was all about geocaching! Great fun.

Yesterday I went on a call with one of our sales reps. We had to drive about two hours. All along the way we passed parks and trails, and I just knew that we were passing cache after cache. It was killing me!

cosmiccowgirl said...

One thing about geocaching is that is has increased my desire to travel. I always scout out the area for possible caching opportunities, even when it is a business trip and I am on foot. I am obsessed! But this year is the very first time I have planned an out of state trip specifically for geocaching - our trip to California in May for GW6. We went to GW4, but that hardly counts since it was only a four hour drive. I am so psyched about our upcoming trip - hotels and airfare paid for, now all I have to do is bookmark the caches we are going to hit, narrow down the choices, etc. There is always the PQ function, but I don't rely on that one as much. I prefer to handpick the caches I want to download, which is time-consuming - I read all the previous logs, make a document with info/hints/maps (since I am not paperless yet) - this is how I will be spending my lunch breaks at work until May!

Christy said...

We went geocaching when we went to Hilton Head last summer. Unfortunatley the only thing we found were ticks!

Christy said...

Is it my imagination or didn't you have another blog site? I don't see it anymore.

FunkyBizzle said...

We took a Disney / GeoCache vacation last year, and had a blast. Knocked out a lot of counties in FL. We've attended a local event, but have yet to make a road trip specifically for a gathering. Looks like fun!

The Kimmy said...
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The Kimmy said...

Hey.. just realized you posted on my blog lol... was just replying and realized you were into geocaching too... whatever! lol Anywayz thanks for posting! (Planning on checking out your poetry blog too lol)!
-The Kimmy