Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Caching in Cemeteries

When we first started geocaching...one of the most popular spots in our area to place caches...is in cemeteries. At first we thought this was kinda wrong...and morbid....but cachers are very respectful and always make sure that nothing is close to or on any grave-sites and there are a lot of spots in cemeteries that are great cache hding spots.

Going through the cemeteries is always really interesting if you stop to check out some of the tombstones, etc. There is a lot of history there if you just take the time to explore the Cemetery.

I have started to take up photography....and cemeteries are very photographic!! And I love using the Black & White features there. I thought I would share a couple of those pictures with you here on this blog.

This first picture is of Augusta Cemetery in Indinapolis Indiana. We have actually placed a cache here...as we absolutely love this Cemetery. It is called "Dying Cemetery II" as we actually replaced the original cache that was there...as the owners of the first one archived theirs.


The next three photos are of three different cemeteries in Indiana that we have found caches out. The first one is Richland Cemetery, the second one is Oak Hill Cemetery and the last one is Calvary Cemetery.


Hick@Heart said...

Very interesting. I've only found one cemetery cache and it was actually only near a cemetery. Right in the middle of a housing commujnity. I liked the name though, "Quiet Neighbors" Nice pictures.

Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart

Norm said...

Great post about a sensitive subject. I've been following a thread on Groundspeak about geocaching in cemeteries.A lot of mixed feelings about it.

We've done a couple, and I'm glad we did. While there, we took the opportunity to walk among the many headstones and read about people's lives. I think it's a great tribute.

Post more photos!

The Northwoods Geocats

The Kimmy said...

We made a multicache in a cemetery (can't remember the name of it). It was pretty fun. We all made up stories to go along with all the different caches. But we tried very hard to be respectful of our surroundings.

-The Kimmy

The Kimmy said...


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