Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Quick Night of Caching!

René and I decided the other night to go to the library...which just happens to be close to a few caches that we had not got smiley faces for yet.....so of course...we had to hit them!

Our stops took us to the Fall Creek Trail system in Indy.

The first one we hit was "Katie's Cache". Now I was really proud of René on this one...as we had to cross a long walking bridge to get to the cache site. And René is not very fond of (SCARED) bridges. But caching is helping her get over the fear. She even stood on the bridge so I could take a picture.

The next cache we hit was "Mud Free Zone" which...well....lets just say with the weather we have been having...there was plenty of MUD!!

We traded out some swag and dropped off a geocoin and a TB that we had...and moved on our way.

On our way back to the car....I noticed the next two signs. Now...look at them...and know that they are within 100 feet of each other. It just really made me laugh!!!!

We hit a couple of others that night....for a total of 4....but we did need to get to the library before it closed. Wait a second....there is one AT THE LIBRARY!!!!!!


Webfoot said...

Ever found one inside of a library? I've found two caches that were hidden inside of books in a library. Both were very creatively done. Great pics of the two contrasting signs.

Scott Booker said...

Actually...this library one is inside it. It is really cool!

We are trying to get one placed in the library of my hometown now ourselves.

GeoJono said...

There is also one inside a library around here (Detroit 'burbs). The coordinates are to the entrance and then a puzzle, if solved correctly, leads to the Dewey number for a log book on the shelf. It was in the outdoor hobbies section, of course.